RCBS Collet per Bullet Puller Cal. .30 / 7,35 mm

RCBS Collet per Bullet Puller Cal. .30 / 7,35 mm


The RCBS Collet Bullet Puller is an excellent tool designed to help reloaders dismantle loaded ammunition to save valuable components. These collets are designed to easily pull out jacketed bullets without damaging them. These collets will only work with the standard RCBS Collet Bullet Puller. They are not compatible with the larger collet bullet puller designed to work in presses with 1″-14 threads.

Technical Information

Fits: RCBS 7/8″-14 thread Collet Bullet Puller
Function: Collet grips the bullet as the press ram is lowered removing the bullet from the case
Notes: Designed to pull jacketed bullets only