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    Safir Cal. .410 Magnum

    Type: semi-automatic
    Gauge:.410 (36), 65 mm (2 1/2″) chamber
    Length: 960 mm (860mm for collapsible butt “S”models)
    Barrel length: 510 mm (also 320 mm or 610 mm)
    Weight 2.6 – 2.7 kg
    Capacity: 9, 10 or 15 rounds in detachable box magazine


    The T-14 shotgun was developed by Turkish company Safir Arms. It isbroadly based on the famous Ar-15/ M16 rifle, but has several patented features necessary for reliable functioning with shotgun-type ammunition. At the present time it is offered in only one caliber, .410×65 (also known as 36 gauge, 2/12 inch chamber). With .410 caliber bullet weighting 7.5 gram (116 grains) manufacturer claims muzzle velocity in 700 m/s (2,290 fps)range, providing muzzle energy of about 1,800 Joules (1,320 ft-lbs).The T-14 shotgun is semi-automatic only and is available in different barrel lengths to make it legal for civilian use in various countries that permit its citizens to own shotguns.

    The T-14 shotgun is gas operated weapon with rotary bolt locking. The gas system utilizes annual (ring-type) short-stroke gas piston, located around the barrel. For maintenance and cleaning gas piston can be removed from the barrel after removing the front sight with its base. The bolt group externally resembles the Ar-15 bolt, but has redesigned bolt head with three radial lugs and ejector, optimized for rimmed shotgun shells. The receiver is similar in design to Ar-15 rifles, and made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and consists of two parts (upper an lower), connected by two cross-pins. Trigger unit and manual safety also resemble same units of the Ar-15 rifle.T-14 shotguns are produced either with integral, M16A2 -type carrying handle and rear sight block, or with M16A3-type flat-top receiver with Picatinny rail. Furniture is made of plastic,and buttstocks are available either in fixed or in telescoped (M4– type) variety.Detachable box magazines are specially designed for rimmed shotgun ammunition.

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