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    Bilancia Digitale Lyman 1500 Pro Touch 230 V

    Lyman is one of the most recognized names in reloading, producing innovative tools for serious shooters and reloaders. Offering products that get the job done while still offering value and advancing technology. Lyman uses its years of experience and user feedback to offer the best performing reloading tools available.
    The Lyman Pro-Touch 1500 offers reloaders many high end features at an affordable price. Featuring touch screen controls and a large easy to read display, this scale is accurate to 1/10th of a grain over its full 1500 grain operating range. Power can be supplied by the included AC adapter or three standard AAA batteries. With its compact size and ability to run on both AC and battery power this scale can be used at home or at the range. Loaded with all of these features the Accu-Touch 1500 continues with Lyman’s commitment to value and getting the job done.


    Technical Information:

    • Capacity: 1500 Grains
    • Material: Plastic housing
    • Voltage:110 Volt
    • Units: Grains or Grams
    • Accuracy: +/- 1/10th Grain


    • AC adapter
    • Fold back dust cover
    • Powder Pan
    • Calibration Weight



    • Touch Screen Controls
    • Battery Back Up
    • Convenient 5″ x 8″ size does not take up much room on the bench
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    Bilancia Digitale Topshot C30

    TopShot Bilancia di precisione C30Bilancia digitale tascabile ad un prezzo sensazionale. Alta precisione (circa ± 1/10 grani), scelta tra grammi, grani, once e carati

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    Bilancia Dosapolvere Lyman Gen 5

    Lyman is one of the most recognized names in reloading, producing innovative tools for serious shooters and reloaders. Offering products that get the job done while still offering value and advancing technology. Lyman uses its years of experience and user feedback to offer the best performing reloading tools available.

    The Lyman GEN 5 Digital Powder System uses the latest technologies to make one of the fastest and most accurate powder systems on the market. Featuring a fast 3 minute warm up time and Anti-Static/Anti-Drift technology is just the start of the GEN 5’s amazing features. An Auto Repeat Function that drops a precise charge each time the pan is reset speeds up the loading process. The GEN 5 Powder System dispenses 2 grains per second while delivering +/- 1/10th grain accuracy. Also included is an Electronic Interference Shield that resists interference from cell phones and other electronic devices. Changing powder is made fast and clean with the quick drain feature that prevents powder from spilling when removing it from the hopper. Finally the GEN 5 features an onboard memory for up to 100 loads.

    Technical Information:

    Capacity: 1500 Grains
    Material: Plastic housing
    Voltage:110/220 Volt
    Units: Grains
    Accuracy: +/- 1/10th Grain


    • Touch Screen Controls
    • Anti-Static/Anti-Drift Technology
    • Fast 3 Minute Warm-Up
    • Stores 100 Loads in Memory


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    Lee Bilancia Analogica Perfect Powder Scale (90681)

    Lee Safety Scale is reliable, very accurate and simple to use, beam is made from a tough Phenolic. Sensitive and readable to 1/20 grain

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    Lyman Gen 6 Compact Touch Screen Powder System – Bilancia/Dosapolvere

    New Compact Touch ScreenThe compact Gen6 design takes a minimum of bench space and offers unrestricted pan and touch screen access for both right and left hand users. Accurate to one tenth grain, the Gen6 dispenses all types of smokeless powder at two grains per second. In addition, it features an auto repeat function that drops a precise charge each time the pan is reset.

    Based on totally new digital technology that overcomes problems commonly experienced by older designs, the system is packed with additional state of the art improvements like fast, 3 minute warmup, new anti-static and anti-drift technology and has sophisticated electronic shielding to resist interference from other electronic devices like cell phones, etc.

    • New Touch-Screen Controls
    • New Compact Size – Uses 50% Less Bench Space
    • Auto Repeat Function Drops Charges Each Time the Pan is Reset
    • Quick-Drain to Change Powders
    • New Electronic Interference Shield Resists Interference from Cell Phones, etc
    • New Anti-Static/Anti-Drift Technology
    • Fast Operation – Dispenses 2 Grains per Second
    • Accurate to 1/10 grain
    • Handles all types of Smokeless Powders
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    Lyman Micro Touch 1500

    Small in Size, Large on Features

    Lyman’s smallest electronic scale, the Micro-Touch 1500 has all the features of much larger models combined with state-of-the-art touch screen controls. Just 3.25″ wide by 5.375″ long and 1.25″ tall with the dust cover in place. This scale has a full 1500 grain capacity. It is powered by an included AC adapter, but can also function on battery power when at the range or camp. The Micro-touch 1500 also includes its own powder pan and calibration weight.

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    Lyman Pesa Scatti Digitale

    Il più rapido e preciso misuratore del peso di scatto oggi disponibile.
    Il suo livello tecnologico allo stato dell’arte consente una precisione di 1/10 di oncia (+/- 3 gr.) su tutto il suo intervallo di misura, che va da 0 a 12 libbre (5,5 kg).
    E’ equipaggiato con un ampio e leggibile display a cristalli liquidi e presenta pulsanti per eseguire le operazioni di taratura, azzeramento e media. Funziona anche in kilogrammi. A differenza di altri misuratori, non ci sono altri pesi o parti mobili di cui occuparsi: è sufficiente posizionare sul grilletto e tirare.
    E’ possibile eseguire misurazioni ripetute: il misuratore digitale ne eseguirà il valor medio.
    E’ l’attrezzo ideale per i tiratori a segno o su sagome, per gli armaioli, i cacciatori e per chiunque voglia regolare il proprio scatto precisamente ed agevolmente.

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    MTM Mini Digital Reloading Scale

    DS-750 Mini Digital Reloading Scale

    Mini Digital Reloading Scale From first time reloaders to competitive gun and archery shooters, MTM Case-Gard™ introduces a pocket sized scale that is sure to satisfy all level of sportsmen.

    • Easy to read, backlit LCD display
    • Powder pan, custom designed to facilitate bullet, powder and arrow weighing
    • Extended, 3 minute auto shut-off, most scales turn off after 30 seconds
    • Up to 750 grain capacity
    • Plus or minus .2 grain accuracy
    • Measures in grains, grams, carats and ounces
    • Stainless steel sensory platform
    • Plastic sensory cover that doubles as large powder pan
    • Calibration weight and detailed instructions included
    • A high-quality, foam lined case for permanent storage and protected travel
    • Not recomended for tricle powder charging, we recomend a plug-in scale for that
    • Uses 2 AAA batteries(included) which are easy find

    Great for the reloading bench or a well equipped shooting box, the DS-750 is packed with features that shooting sportsmen needs.

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    RCBS Bilancia Elettronica 750

    The RCBS Range Master 750 offers shooters perfor – mance and portability in a stream-lined design. It works on both, AC or DC power, making it great for the range box or on the reloading bench. The RCBS Range Master 750 has a large, easy-to-read LCD display, weighs in grains or grams, and has +/- .1 grain accuracy and the scale is equipped with two precision check weights and an AC adaptor (9V battery not included). Capacity is 750 grains.

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    RCBS Bilancia Meccanica 5-02 (ULTIMI PEZZI)

    Big-scale features and capacity with an affordable price. Two-poise design lets you weigh up to 505 grains with 0.1 grain accuracy. The 5-0-2 also sports our magnetic dampening system for fast readings, maintenance-free movement and a rugged die-cast metal base. Tip-proof aluminum pan for loading convenience. Ounce-to-grain conversion table on the base for handy shotshell reference.

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    RCBS Chargemaster Combo 1500

    Ottimo dosatore elettronico della nota Casa Americana per pesare e dosare la polvere per la ricarica delle munizioni


    This is a NEW RCBS Chargemaster Electronic Powder Dispenser/Digital Powder scale combo, Model 1500.  This is an absolutely fantastic, state-of-the-art, powder dispenser system.  Features on this unit include:

    • Dispenses all types of smokeless powder charges from 2 to 300 grains with +/- 0.1 gr accuracy—not for use with black powder
    • No timely powder calibration required—just add the powder, set the weight, and start dispensing
    • Dispenser and scale run on a single 230V AC power cord for convenient operation
    • FAST dispensing of powder—60 grains in under 30 seconds!
    • Scale can be removed from dispenser and used separately
    • EASY powder drain feature
    • Stores up to 30 charges in memory for quick recall of favorite loads
    • Ingenious plastic cover for powder pan that opens from either right or left side, protecting the platen and pan from dust and air movement during dispensing for maximum accuracy

    This powder dispenser/scale is brand new, taken from the box only to take the photos in the ad, and it is fully backed by RCBS’s 1-year Limited Warranty. This item comes complete with two 50 g calibration weights for the scale, AC power adapter, handy clean-up brush, and very simple, short instructions.  Don’t miss this chance to get the latest and greatest RCBS powder dispenser/scale at a very affordable price!

    Each purchase is for one NEW RCBS ChargeMaster scale/dispenser combo, but if you’d like more, just purchase the quantity wanted and we’ll combine shipping on them to save you money!

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