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  •  24,00

    Chiave per Smontaggio 1911 Alluminio

  •  19,00

    Chiave per Smontaggio 1911 Alluminio “Baffi”

  •  8,00

    Chiave per Smontaggio 1911 Polimero

  •  22,00

    Chiave TAPCO per Smontaggio AR

    Precision machined from heat treated steel, our multifunction tool is a necessity for any AR enthusiast. This tool includes a Mil-Spec castle nut wrench, a standard length receiver extension removal wrench, bottle opener, and an A1/A2 Flash Suppressor wrench. Offering an improved grip, each tool has a rubberized grip for both safety and comfort. Every tool is coated in manganese phosphate for reduced visibility and corrosion resistance. Made in the USA and features a lifetime warranty.

  •  93,00

    GT Zero Versione Deluxe Tool per Glock

    Il modello GT Zero versione deluxe, si presenta in robusto contenitore nero (rugged case), al suo interno è riposto il GT Zero, i 3 bit inseriti negli appositi spazi creati all’interno della confezione e nr. 02 patches del Team Zero (le due nuove versioni in Coyote Brown).
    Ottimo per il montaggio/smontaggio della Vostra Glock (incluso il mirino), da tenere sempre con voi!
  •  12,00

    Lucchetto per Armi con Chiave

    Lucchetto di protezione del ponticello per armi corte e lunghe

  •  74,00

    VISM NcStar Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool

    NcSTAR Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool is perfectly designed for removal, installation and adjusting windage. NcSTAR spares no expense on functionality with this rear sight tool. Its’ heavy-duty construction allows for the sight tool to be bolted to or clamped onto a work surface. Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool by NcSTAR can work with 90 or 30 degree rear sight profiles. NcSTAR puts time and dedication into producing the best products for their customers and this Universal Pistol Real Sight Tool is no different. Made of heavy duty blue anodized aluminum, this sight tool is compatible with many types of semi-automatic slides and what you need to add to your collection of NcSTAR gear

    Specifications for Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool:

    DIMENSIONS: 4.75″H X 7.0″W X 2.0″D
    WEIGHT: 37.5 OZ.

    Features of NcSTAR Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool:

    • Base platform is adjustable for height, to get your slide and rear sights at the proper height for the rear sight pusher. Includes one bottom spacer for some pocket pistol slides for proper height alignment.
    • Multiple Vertical and Horizontal clamps to secure various sizes and types of semi-auto slides in the tool.
    • Adjustable top brace with plastic insert to secure the slide’s vertical placement on the base platform.
    • Adjustable side braces with plastic inserts to secure the slides horizontal placement on the base platform. Includes two sets of side plastic inserts: a pair of flat inserts and a pair of stepped inserts to fit a wide variety of slide profiles.
    • Rear sight pusher will work with 90 degree and 30 degree rear sight profiles. Rear sight pusher can remove, install, or adjust the rear sights in either direction.
    • Side witness windows machined into both sides of tool frame to check for and verify proper tool and rear sight alignment.
    • Sight tool frame can be bolted to, clamped onto work surface, or clamped onto a work vice.
    • Rear sight pusher tool has an adjustable/removable handle or you can use a 15mm wrench or socket tool.
    • Heavy duty Blue Anodized aluminum frame with steel tools
    • Sight pusher steel screw has brass bushings for good bearing surface characteristics and excellent strength.
  •  68,00

    Warne Dinamometro Torx TW65 65in/lb

    Chiave dinamometrica tarata per bullone 1/2″ degli anelli Warne.

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