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  •  84,00

    Allen Folding Deluxe Gun Rest


    • Adjustable front and rear rests
    • Smooth, fast height adjustment
    • Adjustable legs
    • Doubles as gun vise for cleaning/scope mounting
    • Folds for easy storage


  •  74,00

    Protektor Model Cuscino Frontale Custom Farley 3″ Square

    Protektor Model, leader Americano nella produzione di Rest e cuscini.
    Cuscino Frontale Custom, prodotto solo su ordinazione, per carabine con calciature “squared” e per i nuovi rest Farley.
    Prodotto in cordura con base in cuoio.
    Dimensioni: 13,33×4,44×2,25
    Altezza ai bordi: 3,5 cm


  •  275,00

    Protektor Model Rest – Cast Aluminium Long Range Shooting Rest

    Protektor Model, leader Americano nella produzione di Rest e cuscini, ha iniziato la produzione di questo nuovo rest.

    Made in USA, ha una struttura molto robusta in alluminio, testa in alluminio, manopole in alluminio, e piedi sempre in alluminio, regolabili, così come l’escursione della testa.
    Altezza regolabile da:  110 mm a 180 mm.
    Utilizza cuscini standard Protektor Model.
    Peso senza cuscino: 2,56 kg
    Peso con cuscino: 3,13 kg

    Cuscino NON incluso


  •  85,00

    Protektor Model Rest (senza cuscino)

    Rest della Protektor Model, molto robusto, regolabile.
    Cuscino venduto separatamente

  •  104,00

    Rest Allen mod. Citadel

    • Easy Use and Precision Adjustability Make the Citadel Shooting Rest a Must Have for the Avid Range Shooter.
    • Non-slip Silicone Texture Grips Rifle Forend
    • Heavy Triad Base Helps Stabilize Shooter for Maximum Accuracy
    • Precision Adjustment Knobs Make Sight-In Easy
    • Thermoblock™ NOMEX Technology Withstands 400º Heat, Ensuring a Longer Lasting Rest.
  •  880,00

    Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest BR

    The Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest is a result of our staff and our customer’s years of shooting experience on the firing line, and in the field. We’ve incorporated the best design ideas, materials, and craftsmanship to present you with a shooting platform that rivals any windage rest available today. Whether you’re competing in a benchrest discipline, F-Class, or wringing the most accuracy from your favorite shooting rig, the Sinclair Competition Rest offers the most versatile fit, function, and features in one complete package. These do not work with the 749-013-833 speed screw on the Sinclair Competition Rests.

    NOTE: You will need to order a front bag in addition to the rest. We recommend the Protector Leather/Cordura or the Edwood Standard Front Bags.

    Heavy and Compact
    The Sinclair Competition Rest’s foundation begins with a one inch, solid steel base plate with a durable granite powder coat finish. This enables us to achieve a massive unit – over 30 pounds – with the lowest center of gravity, combined with a footprint that’s no larger than other tripod rests currently on the market. It’s nearly twice as heavy as our closest competitor.

    Most shooting rests by design, are awkward and difficult to manage and maneuver. We solved this by machining a carry handle into the base plate for easy transport, making the Sinclair Competition Rest one of the most mobile units available,in spite of its enormous weight. No tacky looking handles or impossible two-arm lift methods are needed.

    Effortless Operation
    The Sinclair Competition Rest has the windage operation built directly into the base plate. It incorporates dual sets of twin tapered roller bearings for an effortless, non-binding windage operation. The oversized windage control knob is positioned near the rear speed screw where simultaneous one-handed adjustment is easily achievable. Nearly four feet of windage adjustment is offered at 100 yards – enough for any bench shooting discipline. The oversized, fluted handwheel also offers smooth vertical adjustment with the aid of a thrust bearing. A non-windage-adjustable model is available for shooters who prefer to adjust windage off the rear bag or do not have a need for the windage adjustable base block.

    Ambidextrous Design
    The unique construction of this windage unit platform enables an entirely ambidextrous set-up for right or left handed shooters. The post, center column, controls and windage adjustment disassemble and reassemble on the opposite side, for a completely mirrored, left hand use.

    Hardware for Hard Wear
    The Sinclair Competition Rest includes upgraded hardware: a beefed up center column (1.95″ up from 1.375″); threaded post (1″ diameter up from ¾”); leg screws (½” diameter up from 3⁄8″); and large diameter fluted speed screw – all made from high grade stainless steel to withstand a lifetime of abuse. All knob controls and handwheel are machined from aluminum then anodized or powder coated to provide a durable grip surface for all adjustments.

    Topping Perfection
    The Sinclair Competition Rest is completed with our Benchrest Top with new lockable forend stop assembly. Our Benchrest Top accepts both Edgewood and Protektor front bags in sporter, varmint, and benchrest configurations. The new lockable forend stop unit is adjustable for length (fore-aft), height, and cant. Our benchrest top is both NBRSA and IBS approved for competition shooting. The Sinclair Competition Rest is also available with our All-Purpose Top which features our updated Sinclair designed Edgewood Bag, easy adjust lockable bag ears and new forend stop. This top is an excellent choice for all Rimfire Benchrest competitions, particularly Sporter Rifle Class, as well as those wishing to attain the highest level of accuracy from all of their rifles.

    The Sinclair Competition Rest includes mounting holes for aftermarket accessories you may wish to entertain. Such as our Port Level Ammo Block which enables the shooter to adjust their tray of 20 rounds of PPC or BR wherever needed. Move it close to your rifle port for fast shooting.

  •  530,00

    Sinclair Heavy Varmint BR Windage Rest Right Hand

    The Sinclair Heavy Varmint Shooting Rest series is an evolution of our Generation II shooting rest (now discontinued) and our Competition Shooting Rest that’s sought after by the best of today’s benchrest competitors. The Heavy Varmint Shooting Rests feature fully upgraded hardware such as a heavy-duty stainless steel center column and 1” stainless post, oversized scalloped hand wheel with thrust bearing for ultra-smooth vertical adjustments, large ½”-20 thread rest feet with oversized aluminum anodized knobs (no plastic parts here), and a fully adjustable forend stop for shot-after-shot repeatability. The base itself is of ductile cast iron construction with a durable powder coat finish to last for a lifetime of use – exactly what you’ve come to expect from all Sinclair manufactured products. These shooting rests weigh up to 17 lbs with filled sand bag – designed to stay in its place on your bench top. Ths Sinclair Heavy Varmint Shooting Rests are available in 8 different configurations – ask any of our reloading and shooting techs for assistance selecting the model for your needs. Made right here…in the USA.

    Available in the following formats:

    • The Sinclair Heavy Varmint Bench Rest model is designed for shooters who prefer using Protektor or Edgewood front sand bags. The rest top side plates allow the user to “pinch” the sand bag for subtle bag width adjustments. Purchase the front Protektor or Edgewood sand bag which best fits your forend width: sporter, varmint, or flat-bottomed B/R stock (front sand bag is not included with Sinclair Heavy Varmint Bench Rests, please see page xx and order separately).
    • The Sinclair Heavy Varmint All-Purpose rest is designed with our versatile All-Purpose (A/P) Top which quick-adjusts to accommodate nearly any forend. Switch from narrow sporter stocks to 3-1/2” BR stocks with a turn of a lever. The Sinclair Heavy Varmint All-Purpose Rest includes a dual-sided leather/cordura sand bag (not filled).
    • The Sinclair Heavy Varmint Basic Rest features a flat-top plate that accepts Protektor and Edgewood front sand bags, or perhaps another favorite brand. The flat-top plate allows for bags to be securely strapped. Front sand bag is not included with the Sinclair Heavy Varmint Rests, please see page xx and order separately.
    • Both the Sinclair Heavy Varmint Bench Rest and Heavy Varmint All-Purpose Rest models are available in a windage topped version. This adds the convenience of quick-adjust horizontal movements for competitive shooting by turning the windage knob located on the side of the rest top. Available in both right-hand and left-hand shooter versions.

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