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    Novel Arms Sure Hit M4S

    Magnification: 1 x
    Objective diameter: 30 mm
    Length: 126 mm
    Weight: 374 g
    Batteries: AA batteries X1 pieces
    Dot: 3m.OA (Adjust the 11-phase, N1 / N2 night vision compatible)
    Parallax free: 100 yards
    Width: 60 MOA at least
    One-Click: 1 / 2M.OA
    Influence of resistance: 800 G
    Waterproof: 5 m / 30 min
    Water repellent: (objective and eyepiece) coating of Lotus
    Improved lenses: Guard

    The design can withstand the strong kickback, excellent shock resistance (800 G).
    11th stage (N1 / N2) for the night vision clarity. The Lotus coating (hydrophobic coating) prevents dirt from adhering to the lens and eyepiece.

    The product is carefully calibrated on a 100 meter (91.44M) distance in assembly. It is a precise optical instrument. When the lens is stained, it should be cleaned with special cloth or absorbent ball with alcohol. The product is nitrogen purged, the user should never disassemble the product wich will result in malfunction.

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    Novel Arms Sure Hit MRS

    Magnification: 1 x
    The diameter of the lens: 21.5 x 16.5 mm
    Width: 60 MOA at least
    Dot: 3m.OA
    (Adjust the 11-phase, N1 / N2 night vision compatible)
    Automatic OFF after 8 hours.
    Dimensions: 48 x 35.9 x 26 mm
    Weight: 60 grams / 38 grams (housing only)
    Mount Base: Picatinny standard
    Body material: aluminum retractable strip material 6061A
    Influence of resistance: 600 G, 3,000 rounds before
    Water resistance: 5-30 ° C / 50 cm / 30 minutes
    Operating temperature: -30 ° C + 40 ° C
    Less ambient temperature: -40 ° C- + 50 ° c.

    Position of brightness Battery life
    1 680000 hours
    2 About 220000 times
    3 100,000 class hours
    4 About 43,000 times
    5 About 27,000 times
    6 About 6800 hours
    7 About 2500 hours
    8 About 1000 hours
    9 About 390 times
    10 Approx. 150 hours

    Very compact and lightweight, only 60 g micro dot sites. Influence of the resistance (600 G / 3,000) in the gun slides can be mounted directly. 11th stage (N1 / N2) for the night vision clarity. Also turn off the lights automatic shutdown powered by forgetting. Separate mounting base with the body, and ways to take the side battery completely waterproof. And give the cutting spiked insert in every screw hole on site coordination, mount interchangeable repeatedly used, has high durability and the highest strength.

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