Adattatore VFG maschio M5 / femmina 1/8

Adattatore VFG maschio M5 / femmina 1/8


The 66804 adaptor is equipped with an M5 male thread and a 1/8” female thread and fits on all VFG Cleaning Rods for rifles and handguns – or on cleaning rods of other manufacture having these threads. In combination with the threaded reducer supplied with the shotgun cleaning rod (Art. 66900) it can also be used with this rod. It can also be fitted with the shotgun cleaning elements!

It is designed to accommodate two felt cleaning elements. At the extreme end it has a smooth spike followed by a woodscrew thread. The first felt cleaner is screwed onto the thread and thus held fast on the adaptor. By working the cleaning rod to and fro, this can be used to polish, oil, degrease etc. the bore.

At the end of the thread is a sloping shoulder. If the felt cleaner is screwed up onto this shoulder, its diameter will be somewhat further increased so that it fits more tightly in the bore. The increased pressure on the wall of the bore may, indeed, lead to more force being required to run the cleaner through the barrel, however, it also leads to a greater cleaning effect.

The second felt cleaner should only be pushed onto the metric thread so that in soiled condition it is pulled off at the muzzle when the cleaning rod is drawn back into the barrel.